Farm murders and farm attacks have become a bigger crisis than ever before. There has been an increase in farm attacks lately, and the government’s inability to address this problem is clearly visible.

Especially now during the festive season, it is important for farmers or farm owners to protect their farms, families and farm workers and to not let their guard down. We need to be vigilant and guard against being surprised and outwitted by criminals.

For this reason AfiForum and Saai have decided to take the bull by the horns by launching a campaign that focuses on safeguarding farms.

The “Safeguard a farm” campaign will specifically address the following:
• assessing the safety of farmsteads;
• basic first-aid training;
• musketry training; and
• supplying an analogue radio system, including radio training.

The goal of this campaign is not only to improve the safety on farms and those living there, but also to empower the broader community in specific areas to be able to live freely, safely and prosperously.

You can help AfriForum to make our farms safer by donating towards this purpose.