Minority communities in South Africa are experiencing new levels of discrimination and persecution. A new report by the civil rights organisation AfriForum and the think tank Opinor details how this is taking place. The report is a follow-up of the 2020 The World Must Know report, published by AfriForum. The report was published as part of an international liaison tour to the United States of America, to raise awareness about issues such as farm attacks, hate speech against minorities, romanticisation of violence against minorities and South Africa’s many racially discriminatory laws. The tour was a great success and the report attracted significant attention.

This new 2022 report seeks to document new pieces of legislation, incidents and policies that relate to the theme of persecution of minority communities in South Africa and which have been implemented, proposed, or occurred since the release of the first report in 2020. The report also provides updates on many of the policies, laws and incidents documented in the previous report.

The sections include:

  • Racially discriminatory laws in times of Covid and beyond
  • Expropriation without compensation: Amendment of the Constitution and introduction
  • of the 2020 Expropriation Bill
  • Riots, unrest and looting during July 2021
  • Senekal and the “Kill the Boer” trial of Julius Malema/EFF
  • Targeting minority heritage
  • Continued decline of Afrikaans language rights and education

This 2022 report provides a useful and comprehensive summary of the important developments in regard to the abovementioned themes and incidents, with extensive source references to substantiate each documentation. It is a perfect source for anyone writing or commenting on South African politics, in particular minority communities, as well as for those doing research or reporting on this subject matter.

20220713-Ernst-vZ-The-world-must-know-2022-ENG-GFdB.pdf (afriforum.co.za)