Hate speech against minorities in South Africa is not being taken seriously , and perpetrators often get away with it without repercussions. Hate speech against minorities is still not condemned by the president or high-profile politicians whenever it takes place. In 2018, president Cyril Ramaphosa even denied the murder of farmers in South-Africa on an international platform. The ANC has also failed to acknowledge the correlation between hate speech directed at farmers and the persistent scourge of farm murders in the country.

Therefore organisations like AfriForum have stepped up to take up the fight against hate speech against minorities. AfriForum is combatting hate speech against minorities in South Africa through various interventions, including research, dialogue, and court battles. Our campaign is also pursued on the international stage through our The World Must Know campaign – in which awareness is raised about the crisis, and international role-players are lobbied to take a public stand on these issues. Support our cause, become a friend of AfriForum today.